Club Éxito

Club Éxito™/Success Club ™  was designed by Dr. Elena Garcia Ansani and launched as a high school pilot program during fall 2013.

The vision of Club Éxito™/Success Club ™ is to introduce Latino leadership and positive youth development strategies for high schools students that reinforce their choices for both college and career pathways.

The mission of Club Éxito™/Success Club ™ is to provide enrichment learning opportunities for high school students that promote self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-determination. Through Club Éxito’s curriculum model of introducing students to business management experiences, leadership training opportunities, working relationships with adult professionals and college students, Club Éxito members benefit from a network of college ready connections.

Listen to the 2015-2016 Club Éxito™ students message about why Club Éxito™ needs to continue: