Brenda Arteaga

“As a first-generation Latina pursuing a career in Business at DePaul University I thank Latino Resources for the amazing support I have received to continue my education at DePaul and the opportunity to attend business conferences. For the past 2 years, Latino Resources has been of great support in guiding Read more…


2017 SCHOLASTIC AWARD $2,000 Emmanuel Patino Gomez 2017 HONORS AWARD $1,000 Diana Vega $1,000 Arianna Roldan $1,000 Maria Gomez $1,000 Luis Mejia $1,000 Brenda Arteaga Torres 2017 GENERAL AWARD $500 Romina Rojas-Leon $500 Mathias Morales $500 Jaqueline Medina $500 Dulce Torres